Social media

Social media is an online communication tool used by individuals and organisations: it’s low cost and, when used effectively, can instantly allow you to connect and engage with your key stakeholders or customers.

Social media may not be suitable for every local institute since it requires ongoing commitment.

To be effective your accounts and pages must be updated regularly (a minimum of once a week) with content that will inform your followers of your key events and activities, and encourage two way communications.

Appoint a ‘social media officer’ to post, comment, moderate, follow etc.
Use your social media to promote your events and council activities.
Ideally have a mixture of planned and spontaneous content so that you are constantly engaging with users.
Build relationships with local / industry opinion leaders so they can suggest / provide content.
Follow other accounts relevant to our profession to increase followers and professional links.

If you chose to use social media as a communication channel for your local institute then our simple Local Institute Social Media guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Twitter and/or a LinkedIn account.

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