Website and Eflyers

The Regional Membership Team (RMT) has created a number of web-based tools to help you communicate professionally to your members.

Your Website

Your local institute’s website is an easy to navigate portal for members who want to keep up to date with your activities.

The home page can be tailored to promote your messages and activities – a great opportunity to display your institute’s personality. To get the best out of your website it is vital that you task one of your council members to ensure information is kept relevant and up to date.

Your website CMS is accessible in the 'Tools' tab once you log in via the 'My LI' tab.

We are in the process of creating a new guide for using your website CMS; in the meantime, if you require any support or training on how to use your CMS, please contact us.

Eflyers (promotional emails)

Eflyers are the best and most effective way to communicate with your members on a regular basis.

They're easy to create on your website CMS, fully branded and automatically pull in event data.

Eflyers can be scheduled at any time to pre-loaded membership lists - either the whole of your opted-in members, or segmented lists for PFS and insurance members.

The eflyer system is on your website CMS.

A guide detailing how to create an event, including an eflyer, is under the 'Event Email (Eflyer)' section in the 'Tools' tab.

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