Developing online CPD programmes

Continuing professional development is one of the cornerstones of professionalism – and it is a requirement for all qualified members of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Restrictions on face to face contact and non-essential travel encouraged the majority of local institutes to successfully move their CPD programmes online.

The regional membership team sent a survey to all local institutes over the summer to ascertain how the team could support this online activity further – 54 out of the 56 institutes responded.

Key survey findings:

75% of institutes would like further support in developing online CPD
65% of institutes have seen an increase in member attendance to online activities
Market updates, regulatory insights and technical CPD would need to be covered
Institute collaboration is a must to create consistency
Added value delivered centrally would be appreciated

On the back of this feedback the regional membership team has now developed a process to support institutes choosing to conduct a regional CPD offering, facilitating greater cost-effectiveness, and ensuring there is a level of consistency with regards to online CPD across a region.

Download the guide below.

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