Young professionals

A Young Professionals Group enables your institute to engage and empower the younger members of your institute. It is a great way to get their buy-in and give them the experience of running a small sub-council while ensuring the needs and interests of all members under 35 years of age are represented.

These groups can be as big or small as is appropriate for your institute; and typically they are for members under the age of 35.

To establish how many young members your institute has contact your Membership Secretary who has access to your Membership Data.

A Young Professionals Group's events should be designed for the institute's younger members as they progress through the early stages of their career. This should be from an educational and social perspective, with a mixture of social events, plus seminars or workshops based around appropriate soft skills and technical topics, with a focus on helping increase their knowledge base and confidence within the market.

Your Regional Membership Manager will be able to support you with examples of good practice from successful YPGs in the network.

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