Ordinary and special grants

Your local institute is funded by the CII on an annual basis via an ordinary grant, paid in two tranches – the first in January and the second in July / August.

This Ordinary grant is paid in accordance with Article 6 of the CII’s Charter which states:

The Institute shall support the activities of independent insurance institutes which have been or may be established locally in any part of the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man by Members and which have been approved by the Council insofar as those activities will further the objects of the Institute. In particular the Institute shall contribute annually to the funds of each such independent institute a grant at a rate or rates to be decided from time to time by the Annual General Meeting and may make such other contributions as the Council may from time to time determine.

Terms of grant provision: Each institute must meet specific reporting and audit requirements set out in the following sections to ensure sufficient financial controls are in place to safeguard CII grant income and ensure expenditure meets specific grant requirements.

Special grant

In addition to the ordinary grant awarded each year, local institutes may also apply for a secondary grant known as a special grant.

A special grant is to cover planned exceptional expenditure that cannot be met by the ordinary grant and are only awarded for exceptional expenditure for example a fast track qualification initiative or the development of additional CPD.

These are provided as a one-off payment and are awarded on a case-by-case basis, subject to review, and CII Board approval.

Please note that special grants will not be awarded to cover institute staff and office costs.

Before submitting a special grant application, local institutes should firstly assess the level of accumulated reserves to ensure these do not exceed 12 months operating costs. Where they do, the CII would look for these funds to be utilised in the first instance and any successful special grant application would be adjusted accordingly.

To apply for a special grant, you need to submit both special grant applications forms: A and B which are released to the network every August.

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