Presidents of local institutes have neck badges which should be worn at all formal CII functions, local institute activities and external functions. The badge is passed on to the new president at each AGM. No member of a local institute, other than the president, may wear the president’s badge.

All institutes provide their past president with a badge to mark their time as president and this is normally presented at your AGM.

Past presidents of local institutes should wear their badges at all formal functions of the local institute or any other formal dinner or event where it is instructed that “medals and/or decorations shall be worn”. The badge should be worn on the right hand side to distinguish them from public medals awarded by the sovereign which must be worn on the left.

All CII Service Awards are to be worn on the ribbon supplied with the medal. The Bridgewater Award is worn with a blue ribbon edged with silver piping. The Exceptional Service Award is worn with a blue ribbon. The Distinguished Service Award is supplied as a lapel badge to be pinned on the right hand side. The awards should be worn at all CII formal functions and on other formal occasions when the invitation states that decorations and other medals should be displayed.

For more information and to order regalia and badges please contact Lisa Powell / 0207 417 3563 OR simply order via the MY LI section of this site.

Please note the cost for a past president badge is £40.00 for a full badge and £27.00 for a bar only – both costs are inclusive of engraving (where requested), postage, VAT and presentation wallet.

Other badges are also available for deputy presidents, vice presidents, local committee chairs and honorary vice presidents for life.

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