2016 local institute Ordinary & Special grants

In February, I wrote to each President, Deputy President and Treasurer with confirmation of their institute’s Ordinary grant and Special grant awards.

As you will be aware, last year a change to the Ordinary grant process was introduced. This saw the replacement of the fixed payment of 12 percent of members' subscription fees, with a performance-related payment based on the annual assessment completed by each institute.

This new funding model seeks to share the available funds equitably, in turn reinforcing best practice and supporting the provision of member services across the UK.

All institutes are now allocated to one of four bands – excellent, good, fair and poor – on the basis of their annual assessment score. These bands are then assigned an associated percentage payment of an institute’s total membership fees.

For 2016 the local institute bandings and associated percentage payments are as follows:


No. of Institutes:

Percentage payment:

Excellent (96% and above)



Good (85% to 95%)



Fair (80% - 84%)



Poor (79% or under)




1. The percentage payments by band remain unchanged from 2015.

2. The institute distribution in 2015 was 4 Excellent; 47 Good; 4 Fair; 5 Poor.

3. A change to the assessment scoring for 2014/15 was responsible for a general change in scoring among a number of institutes. The institute assessment criteria contain two levels of criteria ‘Tier 1’ and ‘Tier 2’ reflecting their relative importance. Last year institutes scored:

o Tier 1: 5 – Poor; 6 – Fair; 7 – Good; 8 –Excellent

o Tier 2: 1 – Poor; 2 – Fair; 3 – Good; 4 –Excellent

This meant that an institute scoring poor against Tier 1 criteria would gain more points than an institute scoring excellent against a Tier 2 criteria. Tier 1 was amended to 2 – Poor; 4 – Fair; 6 – Good; 8 –Excellent.

For a full listing of all Ordinary grants and Special grant awards for 2016 click below.

Should you have any questions regarding your funding for 2016 then please contact your Regional Membership Manager.