Annual Dinner guidance on hand on Network Know-how

It's around that time when you may be starting to wade up to your necks in menu choices, speech writing and party frocks.

Many of you are experienced in the requirements, hurdles and general hubris which can surround the organisation of an institute's annual dinner but please remember there is a very helpful,very comprehensive and ultimately very handy guide to annual dinners on Network Know-how.

It covers all of the key ingredients required to stage your institute dinner from venue selection, to promotion, to how to arrange your top table guests.

It's worth a read-through, even if you're happy that you have everything in hand in fact that's probably the best time to read through the guidance!

You can find the guidance within the KNOW-HOW tab of the homepage, by clicking through to 'Events', then 'Annual Dinner'.

Please note that we will be requesting your table host data two weeks prior to your dinner to enable us to send a post dinner survey on your institute’s behalf. Please ensure your dinner hosts are aware that they will receive a post-survey questionnaire by contacting them via email or telephone. If they do not wish to receive a post-dinner survey questionnaire, can you ask them to notify you at their earliest convenience.

Results from this survey will be fed into your local institute assessment for the presidential year 2014/15.