CPD national programme - add to your local offering today

The network has been busy taking advantage of the 2016 local institute national CPD event programme. This provides access to centrally sourced, free and paid for, events to supplement and complement your local event programmes.

By the middle of June more than half of institutes had booked upwards of 100 events, with plenty still available - but please act quickly to ensure you make use of the offering and reserve events that will add value to your programme and support your membership.

Please contact your Regional Membership Manager for the latest availability.

Don't forget, events are reserved on your behalf by the regional membership team to help reduce the time constraints for you. To book an event,simply choose your preferred session and contact the Sharon Williams, Regional Membership Executive. She will liaise with the speaker to confirm agreed timings and logistics, and provide you with key information for your communications. You then simply contact the speaker direct ahead of your event to finalise specific local arrangements.