Discover Risk Sessions Hailed as a Great Success

The CII’s Discover Risk board game and competition for schools and colleges was launched in October 2010 at Luton Sixth Form College.

Nearly six months since the launch, there have already been more than 30 sessions held for Year 12 and 13 students at venues around the country, from Kent, London and Sussex to Birmingham, Suffolk and Yorkshire.

Feedback has been extremely positive. For example:

“This is a really good way of showing students that the insurance sector can be a rewarding one to work in. I thought that the session was very well presented and went very well indeed. Students were interested in the subject.” ProLtd

“Thanks for such an interesting and relevant Discover Risk session. The students really enjoyed it and were enthusiastic about their experience. They obviously learned some concepts of risk assessment and severity and frequency related to the risks. It was really good, since it fitted so well into the courses they are currently studying. I look forward to the next one!” Redbridge College, Essex

“This is just the type of event that we should do more of to spread the word about the insurance industry; particularly to those who are at the stage where they are considering possible career paths. Too many young people do not even consider insurance as a possible career, and hopefully events like this can help to change that.“ Allianz

“The response I’ve had from students has been overwhelmingly positive. They all really enjoyed the event and have a much improved understanding of insurance and the opportunities out there. I’ve had a number of students say to me that they had never considered insurance as a career option but are now giving it serious thought. I would absolutely recommend this to any other school/college.” Longley Park Sixth Form College, Sheffield

There is also a competition for students to enter, which allows them to potentially win a placement at an employer for several weeks during the summer break. This converts student interest into something more tangible and shows those outside the sector just how interesting it can be.

You can see which other schools and colleges have agreed to host a session by downloading the document in the FILES section.

If you would like to support any Discover Risk event, please contact for further details.