Local institute allocation

To strengthen the centralised support provided to the local institute network, the CII has appointed an additional Area Marketing Manager (AMM), Matt Ward, responsible for 13 institutes situated in the Midlands and the North East.

Matt Ward joins the CII, bringing a wealth of marketing and relationship management experience. He will support the work of the AMM team in:

  • forging strong working relationships with key officers across the network;
  • understanding local development needs in order to help create CPD event programmes;
  • assisting with marketing campaigns; and
  • helping with member communications and developing the overall membership proposition.

David Irvine has been promoted to Local Institutes Marketing Manager and the role of leading the AMM team to ensure that it achieves its stated objectives.

These changes have necessitated a review and, in some instances, a reallocation of local institutes among the AMM team. Click below to view the updated local institute allocation.