Local institute development plans

As you will be aware each institute creates an annual development plan.

The purpose of these plans is to assist incoming presidents in planning the year ahead, ensuring that institutes deliver the services required by members such as CPD events and aid the effective running of the institute itself.

They also support and underpin every local institute's ongoing progression and provide a helpful barometer for your progress and development in the key areas linked to your annual assessment which in turn links to your institutes annual funding.

Your Regional Membership Manager (new title for Area Marketing Managers) will be contacting you in due course to schedule your annual development meeting. The purpose is to review last year’s development plan, assist with setting objectives for the 2016/17 presidential year and agree what support they will provide.

Ideally this meeting should take place as early as is convenient in quarter one of 2016 – your Regional Membership Manager will be on hand to provide advice and to record planned activities.