Local institute opt-out declarations

In response to feedback from the local institute network we have made enhancements to the unsubscribe option included on local institute and CII emails, and the CII membership ‘Privacy and electronic communications regulations’ declaration.

Historically these treated local institutes and the CII as a single entity. The enhancements, however, change this, presenting institutes and the CII as separate entities and, in turn, give members greater choice over the email communications they do and don’t wish to receive.

The enhancements are as follows:

Local institute emails

The standard email unsubscribe messaging included within all institute email templates has changed from “If you do not wish to receive future emails from both the CII and the Insurance Institute of XYZ please click here.” to “If you do not wish to receive future emails from the Insurance Institute of XYZ please click here.

Where a member clicks on the unsubscribe link they are taken to a generic ‘local Institute unsubscribe’ page (see screenshot) which gives an overview of institute benefits the member will potentially miss out should they proceed with unsubscribing, since email is the main method of communication.

When the CII uploads your institute’s monthly member data to your eflyer system, this will continue to highlight those members who have requested no contact by email. However moving forward this will highlight members who have opted out of local institute emails (it will additionally include those who have previously opted out under the previous combined institute/CII unsubscribe option).

CII member declaration and emails

The CII has amended its ‘Privacy and electronic communications regulations’ declaration that members sign-up to on joining and at renewal, to include an additional option relating specifically to local institute communications, as follows:

Privacy and electronic communications regulations

The CII may from time to time wish to draw your attention to other CII products and services electronically which are likely to be of interest to you. The CII will assume you consent to us using your data in this way, unless you tick the following box.

Sharing your data with local institutes

The CII will share your data with your local institute (UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man based members only) so they may communicate to you any local events, products and services that complement those offered by the CII. The CII will assume that you consent to us using your data in this way, unless you tick the following box.

This wording appears on the web and in the updated qualification brochures being released this month.

In addition the CII has amended the email unsubscribe messaging included on its emails to now say “If you would like to unsubscribe from CII emails, please click here”.As with institute emails, anyone seeking to opt out is taken to a page advising them that this action may result in them missing out on the communication of valuable member services.

In summary, this new process means that four options now exist for our members:

  • Member receives both CII and local institute emails
  • Member receives CII emails only
  • Member receives local institute emails only
  • Member receives no emails.

Members can amend their preference any time by logging in to My CII or contacting Customer Service.