Ordinary and special grant payment

At the end of 2014 all local institute presidents received a communication to confirm details of the ordinary and special grants awarded to CII local institutes for 2015.

As you will be aware, this year has seen a change to the ordinary grant process.

Previously, all institutes received a fixed 12% of their members' subscription fees. For 2015 this has been replaced with a performance related payment based on the annual assessment completed by each institute.

This new funding model was developed by an institute working group, the Grants Working Party (GWP), to equitably share the available funds, in turn reinforcing best practice and supporting the provision of member services across the UK.

This involved the GWP allocating institutes to one of four bands – excellent, good,fair and poor – on the basis of their assessment score and assigning an associated percentage payment to each, as follows:


No. of institutes

Percentage payment

Excellent (96% and above)



Good (85% - 95%)



Fair (80% - 84%)



Poor (79% or under)



For a full listing of all ordinary and special grant awards click here.