Ordinary and Special Grant payment

I am pleased to confirm details of the Ordinary and Special Grants awarded to CII local institutes for 2014. Payment of the first tranche of all Ordinary Grants is due imminently, with the second instalment to be paid in July, upon receipt of completed financial returns. Special Grants payments will be made by the end of January.

Summary details of 2014 grants paid by the CII:

Ordinary Grants: £1,041,333

2014 Ordinary Grant payments increased by £54,050 (5%) compared to those awarded in 2013. Ordinary Grant payments remain unchanged at 12% of members’ fees.

Special Grants: £193,032

2014 Special Grant payments total £193,092. This compares to £322,686 paid in 2013.

A full and detailed breakdown of Ordinary and Special Grants paid, per institute, can be found by clicking below.