Regional Membership Managers - the new name for the AMMs

The Area Marketing Manager (AMM) team have now been working with the local institute network for over nine years. The role has never been a pure marketing role, involving as it does broader membership related activity including proposition development and relationship management.

To more accurately describe their roles, the team going forward, will be known as Regional Membership Managers (RMM).

The basis of the role will remain the same with the team providing consultation and support to the local institute network, helping with:

1. Developing and managing centrally provided tools and services for developing local membership propositions

2. Guidance on creating institute specific activities to increase visibility and engagement within the local market

3. Creation of local communications including newsletters, websites, e-flyers and submission of articles for national publications

4. Network support services such as CPD initiatives, the LI extranet site and national events & activities

5. General assistance with the running of your institute.

The regional membership team's coverage and contact details can be found in the attachment below.