Remember to tap into the recently launched national CPD programme

The local institute national CPD event programme, for the 2014/15 presidential year, is now available, to support institutes in enhancing their local CPD programme.

150 FREE events are available to institutes, consisting of seminars and workshops covering a range of technical, business and soft skills topics for both the general insurance and financial services markets.

Events have again been booked quickly, with just over one hundred reserved in the first month of the offering.

All remaining events are now available for institutes to book, regardless of how many you may have booked already – please contact your AMM for the details of which events remain available.

You can add considerable value to your CPD programme by adding these free events to your institute programme, as local institute council member Lindsay Williamson commented:

"The 'off the shelf' scheme offered by the CII is very helpful and does save the local institute time. The speakers and presenters are well researched and, more importantly, there is a spread of topics which appeal to both the general insurance and financial services sectors.

It is very easy to use. In a busy work environment, it is easy to pick suitable events and to organise quickly, helping the Edinburgh local institute provide a well rounded membership proposition. In turn this will also help us score well when we complete our local institute assessment later this year.

With institute finances under pressure it is great that this year's project features events with no speaker fees involved."

In the future, the AMM team plans to offer the national CPD offering to local institutes in two instalments per year – in January and June.

Please see the applicable programme brochure below for full details.

Scotland & Northern Ireland
Midlands & North