Your local institute AGM

I know most, if not all, institutes are well advanced in the planning and preparation of their 2015 AGM.

If you are yet to finalise your AGM, I would encourage you to make this a priority in the coming weeks.
If you are new to the process please do have a look through the comprehensive and very helpful guidance available on Network Know-how – please remember that you should communicate the date of your AGM to your members. Click here for more information.

Succession planning for the next presidential year goes hand in hand with AGM planning. Presenting an annual report and electing key officials is of course the main statutory purpose of the meeting, but it also gives you an opportunity to engage with members.

Those who attend an AGM might be potential candidates for your council, so it’s an ideal opportunity to use your networking skills to recruit! If you are seeking to bring new faces onto council, or into officer roles, please use the resources available, such as the eflyer tool and your website to promote any opportunities.