CPD national programme – add to your offering today

Continuing professional development is one of the cornerstones of professionalism – and it’s a requirement for all qualified members of the CII/PFS.

Your local institute is ideally placed to identify your members’ development needs and provide the relevant learning they require.

The CPD programme comprises more than 150 events covering technical, regulatory, general business and soft skills for both CII and PFS members.

There is a mix of free and paid-for events.

Sourced by the CII, these events are developed and delivered by experienced market practitioners and are the perfect way to supplement your institute’s CPD programme.

Access to these events makes creating your own CPD programme straightforward. In last year’s programme, local institutes from across the network booked more than 130 courses – a measure of its universal appeal.

How to book your events To book an event simply contact Sharon Williams, CII Regional Membership Executive at sharon.williams@cii.co.uk or 0121 665 6900 (these contact details are also listed within the PDF document).