E-flyer communications – management of local data lists

In line with the developing laws on the storage and maintenance of data we are reviewing the local membership data lists stored within each of the local institute e-flyer systems.

From 1st September, the only data lists available on the e-flyer system will be the local institute membership data lists which are updated monthly on your behalf by the CII. This ensures that the data being used has been collected in a suitable manner, with the permissions of our members recorded and managed correctly.

Any other data lists stored with the e-flyer system will be deleted as of 1st September 2017.

If your local institute has data lists on the system that you know have been collected with permissions suitably recorded and managed, and which you would like to continue to use, you will need to take these lists off the e-flyer system before the implementation date.

If you have a list of local office representatives your local institute communications can be forwarded from your own personal e-mail address to these data – these communications should not come directly from the local institute e-flyer system.

With regards to specified data lists, for example data relating to exam study, then please contact your Regional Membership Manager for more information.

For further information on data usage, please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office: www.ico.org.uk/