Insurance Charities Awareness Week – why you should get involved

How well do you know your colleagues? Do they all have straightforward, happy lives? We spend so much of our time at work but we don’t always know what is really going in on in other people’s lives, or share what is happening in ours.

Throughout our working lives we will experience many events in our lives, some happy, some not. Often we are able to cope with these, but sometimes it can be hard and that’s when you may need extra help. A redundancy could take a families finance from managing to not manging, an illness could change the family dynamic, with extra costs to bear, and stress and anxiety over what the future holds.

The Insurance Charities deals with a huge variety of cases each year where people need extra help and support, with the unifying factor being their work in the insurance sector.

Last year the charity gave out over £1.2 million of help to insurance employees and their families and this year they want to reach even more people who could benefit from the charities help and support.

In order to achieve this they run an annual Insurance Charities Awareness Week which this year takes place between the 19-23 June. It is very simple to get involved and there is no cost. You sign up to receive a display box for your office filled with branded items for your insurance colleagues to take and learn more about the charity. This year the items in the boxes are chocolates, mobile phone/tablet holders, posit-it note booklets and flyers.

To get involved and help spread the work just send an email to with your name, company name, address and approximate number of staff.

The Insurance Charities – a lifeline for insurance people.