Insurance unites against dementia

The CII has joined forces with the Alzheimer's Society as part of 'Insurance United Against Dementia' to tackle the greatest killer disease in England and Wales.

The in​itative brings together senior figureheads in the insurance sector to drive awareness and raise £10m to support pioneering research programmes into the treatment and cures of dementia, and to provide access to support services for employees of brokers, carriers and suppliers.

Our CEO, Sian, is one of the Insurance United Against Dementia board members and has announced that the CII will be supporting IUAD alongside a newly nominated Charity of the Year.

This week, Alzheimer's Society launched a bold new TV campaign, aiming to shine a light into every corner of society, asking everyone to forget their differences and unite against dementia. You can watch the video here:

In the UK, a new person develops dementia every 3 minutes with health and social care systems are already struggling to support the 850,000 people living with the condition, with this number set to rise. Dementia is the only one of the top ten causes of death in the world that we are so far unable to prevent, cure or even slow down.

With 1 in 3 people touched by dementia – either directly or through their family and friends - it will affect industry as well as employees supporting families. The cost of dementia to UK business is due to rise to £3bn by 2030, and results in a huge impact on workers reducing hours, changing work patterns and quitting due to the demands of caring.

Below are some further key facts and a full list of the IUAD board members:

Chris Wallace, (Chair) QBE Europe
Sian Fisher, Chartered Insurance Institute
Benedict Burke, Crawford & Co
Richard Dudley, Aon
Clare Hatcher, QBE Europe
Paul Jack, Lockton
Phil Jacobs, Willis Group
Ian Livsey, Institute of Risk Management
Frank O'Neill, Swiss RE
Jonathan Swift, Insurance Post
Roy White, Marsh Julia Graham, Airmic
Charlotte Matier, Alzheimer's Society
Laura Smith, Alzheimer's Society

  • 1 in 14 people over 65 have dementia
  • 1 in 6 people aged 80 and over have dementia
  • Total cost of dementia to UK society is £26.3 billion, with an average cost of £32,250 per person. By contrast, cancer costs the UK £15.2 billion annually, with an average estimated cost of £8,000 per person.

Find out more, support the drive and donate here: