Local institute websites – further enhancements

Local institute websites are one of the key communication channels utilised by the network in order to professionally promote local events and activities.

The enhanced local web offering was re-launched back in 2015 and to ensure the sites remain fit for purpose the regional membership team are constantly updating, reviewing and auditing.

Following feedback from the network, the regional membership team are now rolling out a number of updates to further enhance and improve your website.

These are as follows:

Type of event

We have updated the event type options which appear on the ‘SUMMARY’ tab when creating an event.

Online booking data archive

We have updated the information which the booking system is able to archive to fall in line with data protection legislation.

Delegates – event booking cancellation

We recently introduced a link on the online booking confirmation emails to allow delegates to cancel their bookings, this has been further developed and there is now an option for this within the 'BOOKING' tab when an event is created.

Group tickets

We have amended how to set up an event for various ticket types - you will now have the choice of individual or group tickets.


We have introduced the functionality of invoicing from the booking system for paid for events.

Email tabs

We have updated the email tabs when creating an event to make the options easier for web administrators to understand.

Sharing events and news on social media

We have introduced social media share buttons on event and news pages.

Online surveys

We have introduced the ability to send event feedback surveys from the booking system.

For further details on all these developments please download the document below.

The majority of these updates will be live on Monday 12th June 2017, with the invoicing and online surveys updates to follow in due course.

If you have feedback on the website system or any questions on the developments, please contact Sandra McDonald, Regional Membership Manager at sandra.mcdonald@cii.co.uk