Revised assessment process to soft launch

As you are aware all local institutes now complete an annual local institute assessment which is linked to the funding each institute receives annually from the CII.

Distribution of these monies recognises and rewards best practice and, in doing so, ensures the equitable distribution of funds across the network.

The current assessment has now been in place for three years.

The Local Institute Assessment and Funding Panel, made up of several local institute volunteers and chaired by Vice President Clair Brand, has recently reviewed the assessment following feedback from both the regional membership team and the local institute network.

The revised assessment will be ‘soft launched’ for the presidential year 2017/18.

Institutes will complete both assessments, BUT their funding will be allocated based on the old assessment.

The revised assessment will then come into play for the presidential year 2018/19 and will cover the following:

  • Governance – council
  • Governance – management and finance
  • Continuing professional development
  • Engagement and building public trust
  • Communications
  • Exam centre

A copy of the revised assessment can be downloaded below.