Chartered Insurance Institute: Public training programme

Following declining attendances and the increasing cost of hiring rooms, equipment and trainers, the CII have undertaken a review of the existing public training programme strategy and as a result, decided to change the way we deliver the programme for 2018.

The CII will continue to provide in-house training courses at a company’s own premises for both technical and qualification related subjects. We will also continue to help companies address their learning requirements with the design and development of bespoke internal training solutions.

The use of the CII’s online learning, Assess and RevisionMate, continues to grow as companies look to reduce the time spent away from the office and the costs incurred by staff attending classroom training. From next year therefore, online solutions will be one of our recommended routes to support study towards qualifications and CPD.

As a local institute in one of the specific training hubs you can start to run training programmes for your members locally as part of your annual CPD events programme; this has proved extremely successful for several institutes over the past 12 months.

A full list of courses available along with associated costs and provider contact details can be downloaded below.

Once you decide to run a training programme your Regional Marketing Manager will be on hand to introduce you to the training provider and develop all associated marketing materials.