Diversity: New EIIA forms

An Equality Inclusion Impact Assessment (EIIA) is a tool aimed at improving policy development and implementation by ensuring that individuals and teams think carefully about the likely impact of their work on different groups.

It involves anticipating the effects of policies, procedures, and functions on different groups and making sure that any negative impacts are eliminated or minimised and opportunities for promoting and advancing equality and diversity are maximised.

EIIAs, although not a legal requirement, are an extremely useful mechanism for:

  1. preventing any potential discrimination before it occurs;
  2. ensuring that everything your organisation does is as inclusive as possible;
  3. providing a defence if a discrimination claim is made against the CII.

More information and an EIIA form can be downloaded below.

For information on diversity and inclusion then please contact the CIIs local institute diversity champion, Colin McFarlane at ciidiversitychampion@cii.co.uk