Education Champions – Discover Risk

George Tsounias, Relationship Manager – Education, shared the CIIs vision of Discover Risk at the Network Conference that took place in Belfast back in June and was encouraged by the positive reception the session received.

Since then, George has had the pleasure of engaging with several local institutes who have been keen to start their educational outreach journey.

Over the years, many local institute committee members have taken time out of their working day to attend a school careers fair, presentation or the odd discover risk session at a local school. The primary focus of outreach activities has always been to raise the profile of the Insurance profession to young adults as an attractive career option. This has largely been done using our popular Discover Risk interactive board games aimed at 15-18-year-old school students.

Some of you reading this, will have undoubtedly helped or even delivered a discover risk session.

The CII now believes it is time to significantly increase the reach of this programme and to support members locally who want to engage with their secondary schools/college. As a result, we will be launching our Education Champions – Discover Risk pro-bono programme to encourage individual engagement with secondary schools or colleges. We will be looking for CII members in all roles to come forward and volunteer as an Education Champion.

The launch of this programme will take place in November and we feel it is right that, as valued local institutes members, you are informed of this prior to its launch. The programme will be a fantastic way for members to give something back to their local community and help young people as they start their journey to adulthood and consider entering a profession that is in crucial need of young and diverse talent.

Our aim is to train volunteers using tried and tested collateral so that they can go to schools with the confidence that they can deliver genuine added value content to students. Training will be regional across 26 locations and start taking place in Q1 of 2019. Sessions will last for 1 hour from 08:00-09:00. Please note that in Q1 we will be focusing our sessions in the North and in the South in Q2.

George will be contacting local institute committee members six weeks prior to a training session taking place and it would be good to have at least one representative attend. Your continued support remains invaluable as we help change the perception of the profession and encourage a generation of new talent to enter.

If there are any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact George who will be more than happy to help. George can be reached at