Evolving Corporate Chartered Status – have your say!

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has launched a consultation to seek the views of insurance and personal finance professionals on its current Corporate Chartered proposition.

Eleven years on from the launch of the three Corporate Chartered titles; Chartered Insurers, Chartered Insurance Brokers and Chartered Financial Planners, over 900 firms and divisions today hold Corporate Chartered status, publicly demonstrating their commitment to professionalism and its importance for clients.

The criteria were last revised in 2014 but ensuring Chartered is always the badge of trust for consumers and the public means regular review and consultation.

This consultation period will run from 15 August to the extended date 3 October 2018 and is looking to address these key areas:

Eligibility criteria; how firms demonstrate their commitment to professionalism
Value proposition; do the current elements of Chartered create a valued outcome
Process; addressing the application and renewal process
Oversight; partnering with firms to ensure professional standards are upheld
Expansion; raise awareness of Chartered in the profession and with the Public

Responsible Members of Chartered firms will receive an email directly with the link to their consultation. Other interested parties (e.g. non-Chartered firms) can follow the link below:

Participate in the consultation

  • Please note key findings will be published in early 2019 or sooner if concluded.