CII Manifesto Update

Last year the CII’s Manifesto Transformation Programme was consolidated its original 14 workstreams into six. This reflects the CII’s progression from the 'discovery' to the 'delivery' phase of the initiative. Please see below for an overview of some of the manifesto’s key successes.

The membership experience:

  • We piloted our centralised CPD programme, Professional Focus, culminating in our first ever round of CII Professional Focus conferences in autumn 2018. Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive feedback given by attendees, we’ll be running two series of CPD conferences in 2019 (spring and autumn). Exact dates to be confirmed.
  • We have started transitioning our Faculties into Societies, starting with the launch of the Society of Insurance Broking in September 2018. These societies will provide an enhanced member experience and will enable us to better engage with those in the sector. In 2019, we anticipate the launch of two Societies – the Society of Claims Professionals (which launched in January 2019) and the Society of Underwriting Professionals (launch date to be announced).
  • In September 2018, we moved to our new London HQ at Lombard Street. This means that our Aldermanbury library has now closed and a smaller pool of physical resources are available for members to peruse at our Lombard Street office. In addition, our eLibrary is full of useful content, which is readily available to all members.
  • In October 2018, we opened an office to cover the Middle East and Africa – a move which coincided with the appointment of our new International Director, David Thompson. These two moves will enable us to encourage improved professional standards across the region, as well as tying together support we already provide internationally in our Mumbai and Hong Kong offices. David Thompson are the team will develop the international business plan and begin to implement it in 2019.

Relevant learning:

  • We have laid the groundwork for remote invigilation, which enables members to sit exams from the comfort of their own home (while complying with examination room standards). This will be particularly useful for our international members, who will benefit from the flexibility of this new system. In February 2019, we will implement this system for a handful of non-UK units, with a view to rolling out remote invigilation to all MCQ exams by the end of 2019.
  • In winter 2018, we piloted digital badging, which would enable members to display their qualifications and achievements online. The pilot was hugely successful, so we’re pleased that we will roll this out to members in 2019.

Building public trust:

  • We published the manifesto for Insuring Women’s Futures (IWF) in Q3 of 2018. This has enabled us to hone IWF’s focus on to the most important financial issues facing women today – and has provided a springboard for the IWF Market Task Force, which will make recommendations to the sector in late 2019.
  • In summer 2018, we launched our Public Trust Index, which aims to measure consumer confidence in insurance. The information collated in the Index, which will be shared annually, highlights key areas for improvement in our sector – so will be crucial in both improving the sector’s standards and bolstering public trust in our profession. The next edition of the Public Trust Index is due to be published in summer 2019.
  • In September, we launched our insurance careers portal, Step Forward, which seeks to encourage school leavers and those returning to work (such as ex-armed forces and stay-at-home parents) to join our profession.