CII To Relaunch Corporate Chartered Proposition

At the end of April the CII wrote out to Chartered firms and publicising our plans for refreshing the corporate Chartered proposition.

The proposition has been re-designed following extensive consultation with the profession, consumers and wider stakeholders, to support the modern profession and its customers. The CII will be publishing a summary of the consultation feedback together with its plans to reposition the proposition around a Chartered Ethos built around a joint public commitment to professional standards from both the CII and Chartered firms. The Chartered Ethos combines the shared commitments to nurturing knowledge, client centricity and serving society.

To bring this to life, the CII is focusing on five priorities:

  1. Enhancing the value
  2. Relevance to changing business models
  3. Applications and renewals
  4. Effective oversight
  5. Social impact

A webinar was hosted by Ian Simons (CII Marketing Director) and Melissa Collett (CII Professional Standards Director) on Thursday 25th April at 2pm.

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