Introducing CONNECT - your NEW e-mentoring programme

Connect is a new member benefit which enables members to become mentors and mentees from anywhere in the world. Connect allows members to promote professional development and learning for insurance professionals at any stage of their career and provides a hub to share knowledge and practical experience of the key skills that are not learnt from a textbook.

Connect makes it easy to establish and develop mentoring relationships and allows members to take part in the programme in a flexible manner to suit their preferences, such as meeting face to face, or online, enabling a much broader range of people to share their specific skills and experience.

Through a “matching” system, mentors and mentees can pair themselves up in accordance with specific criteria, such as skills and specific learning needs, which the participants will self-declare. In so doing, the programme will make the most effective use of the broad range of skills and expertise within the personal finance profession regardless of geographic location.

Both mentors and mentees may also be eligible to accumulate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for their participation.

While there is an obvious benefit to mentees, mentoring makes a huge difference to the success of others and provides a real opportunity to facilitate personal or professional growth. It is a hugely gratifying experience and the main reason some of our members have given for becoming a mentor is that they want to give something back to the profession, while encouraging socio-economic progress.

Mentoring is a learning experience opportunity for both mentor and mentee, and elevates knowledge sharing to a practical level. From refining soft skills to mastering exam preparation techniques, all members can benefit from Connect.

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