Network Conference Travels to York

Network Conference took place on Wednesday June 26th in York, with representatives of 54 local institutes in attendance. The newly elected Local Institute National Forum Officers were also present, ensuring the local institute network was once again strongly represented.

The conference day featured the CII Annual General Meeting for the first time, as well as the inaugural CII Awards in the evening, offering delegates a different and varied day of interaction with senior figures from the CII as well as their peers from fellow local institutes.

In line with previous years the conference agenda was designed based on feedback from past delegates, therefore there were fewer ‘formal’ presentations and more time dedicated to interactive breakout sessions where delegates were able to share best practice and offer their views on some key CII initiatives.

Post-event feedback:

82% of delegates rated the Network Conference overall as Good or Excellent.

The day’s individual sessions were rated as follows:

Meet the Board Reception: 84% of those who attended rated the reception as Good or Excellent.
CII Member Engagement update: 73% of delegates rated the update as Good or Excellent.
CII Engagement in Action update: 74% of delegates rated the update as Good or Excellent.
CII Engagement in Action - 1st breakout: 72% of delegates rated the update as Good or Excellent.
National Forum in Action – 2nd breakout: 77% of delegates rated the update as Good or Excellent.
Local Institutes in Action – 3rd breakout: 87% of delegates rated the update as Good or Excellent.
CII Awards: 62% of delegates rated the update as Good or Excellent.

Overall, attendees were happy with the logistical aspects of the event, with 94% rating the booking process as Good or Excellent; 98% rating the pre-event communication as Good or Excellent; 90% rating the location as Good or Excellent; 69% rating the catering as Good or Excellent; and 87% rating the venue facilities as Good or excellent.

As always, delegates’ comments on all aspects of the day are very valuable as it helps us to shape future conferences to ensure you are getting the most out of the event. As in previous years, the elements of the conference that generate the most positive comments are the breakout sessions – the chance to share and discuss all things local institute – and the opportunity to network – more generally across the day, making new acquaintances and forming relationships.

With regard to where we might improve in future years, again there was a focus on breakouts, groupings and time to talk – with a clear mandate to ensure as much time is dedicated to delegates being able to spend time together sharing and discussing; having smaller and different groupings across the day; and hearing more about how local institutes can contribute to the CII’s future plans.

What the delegates said about the day:

“Thoroughly enjoyed the day, great opportunity to meet new people.”
“A conference to be proud of with an Annual Report 2018 of an exceptionally high standard and fully comprehensive, in fact an inspiration for the way forward! Well done again everyone involved and congratulations on its success!”
“Each year there is a vast improvement. Well done to all involved.”
“Breakout sessions really valuable and look forward to seeing the feedback being acted upon as it appears to have been over the last couple of years.”
“I haven't been to one before and it felt like being part of a family and everyone gives their time so generously showed how strong the foundations are.”
“The best conference yet. All comments i had this year were more about tweaks rather than overhauls. We are going in the right direction!”