Promotional campaign for YOUR institute

The team have been working behind the scenes on an integrated marketing campaign to promote the benefits of members engaging with their local institutes.

The campaign will focus on FIVE BIG WORDS - or the result of our members accessing the local membership proposition via their local institute.

Thus, a member will gain the following from local engagement:

  • More fulfilment
  • Increased visibility
  • Greater influence
  • Increase advantage
  • Continuity will be achieved.

Objectives of the campaign are as follows:

  • Increase awareness of the local institute proposition
  • Drive traffic to local institute websites
  • Ensure members are aware that they need to ‘opt in’ to local communications.

The campaign will last until the new year and we will focus on each of the key words separately; starting with FULFILMENT.

A number of marketing channels will be used including:

  • FIVE BIG WORDS Microsite –
  • Journal – adverts and editorial
  • Bi-monthly e-promo – to all members opted into local institute communications
  • Monthly new member e-promo – to all NEW members opted into local institute communications
  • Video stings for social media
  • Social media updates including tweets and linked in articles
  • LI website take over – branded carousels and tiles on each of the local institute websites
  • Video blogs – coming in August content currently being filmed by two members.

Help us push the campaign…

If you want to help push the campaign then please using your own social media accounts share the video sting for FULFILMENT -

Want more information on the campaign then simply speak with your RMM.