Regional and National Forum

Regional and National Forum

As you are aware the CII’s Representative Council was disbanded last year after consultation with the local institute network.

Representative council was a meeting that was held three times a year at the CII’s head office in London. The meeting was attended by 26 local institute representatives who represented each of the local institutes across the UK.

Representative council has now been replaced by a new group known as the Local Institute National Forum.

Local Institute National Forum will be attended by 18 local institute representatives (known as LI Regional Representatives) who will now meet twice a year to proactively discuss projects, initiatives and concerns from the local institute network. The first Local Institute National Forum meeting will take place on Tuesday 25th June in York.

This meeting will be further supported by local meetings known as Local Institute Regional Forums which will allow YOUR institute to feed into the Local Institute National Forum via your Regional Forum Officer. These meetings have been taking place over the past few weeks.

Your institute should have now fed back discussion topics.

If you have anything further you want raised then do not hesitate to contact your representative, details can be accessed below.