Regional membership manager support

Just a quick reminder on the support each RMM provides to the local institute network on an ongoing basis.

Each of us will continue to provide the following to each of our allocated local institutes:

  • Annual Development Plan Meeting – to take place in Q1 / Q2 of each year
  • Annual Assessment Meeting – to take place in Q3 of each year
  • Advice and guidance with ongoing local CPD proposition and communication programmes

We will also continue to develop national projects and initiatives to support you in the running of your local institute.

Projects such as:

  • CPD tools – National programme / Online / Accreditation / Digital
  • Support tools – Network Know-how / Campaigns / Process + Protocol / Network News
  • Communication tools – Web and e-flyer development / The Journal / Marketing Materials
  • Engagement tools – Network Conference / Rep Council / Working Parties

Full details of each of the RMMs associated institutes can be found here.