Amy Oliver – new Regional Engagement Executive

The CII’s commitment to supporting the volunteer-led local institute network, as it adjusts to the future support needs of an evolving membership, has been underlined with the recruitment of a new Regional Engagement Executive.

Amy Oliver joined the team in November and will form part of the regionally based support team.

Amy will work closely with institute volunteers; as well as being involved with the many and varied initiatives and projects implemented and rolled-out to develop the membership proposition across the UK.

Amy will report directly into David Irvine (National Membership Engagement Manager), alongside Julie Hicks (Regional Membership Manager), Matt Ward (Regional Membership Manager) and Karen Fothergill (Regional Engagement Executive).

The team will continue to be overseen by Matthew Hall (Operations and Strategy Manager).

With Amy on board, the team will continue to focus on ensuring greater consistency of support across the network and provide advice, guidance and the tools for our volunteers to lead their institutes in meeting the challenges faced in continuing to drive member engagement at local level.

Amy’s background includes considerable experience working with volunteers and membership organisations, as well as expertise and understanding of event management, CPD requirements, digital delivery solutions and membership analysis.

With Amy starting we have also revised RMM support for several institutes, these changes are as follows:

  • Bristol – now managed by Matt Ward (previously Julie Hicks)
  • Chester and North Wales – now managed by David Irvine (previously Matt Ward)
  • Guernsey – now managed by Julie Hicks (previously David Irvine)
  • Jersey – now managed by Julie Hicks (previously David Irvine)

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact David Irvine at