Assessment meeting for presidential term 2019/20

The Annual Local Institute Assessment is intended to support and ensure consistent high performance across the local institute network. The assessment highlights instances of best practice so that all institutes can focus their resources on the right activities.

Local institutes are measured across five categories, with a weighting applied to recognise their relative importance. These are:

A Governance – Council

B Governance – Management & Finance

C Continuing Professional Development

D Engagement & Building Public Trust

E Communications

The questions asked all relate to the last full presidential year, except for those in respect of local institute finances, which are in respect of the previous financial year.

Due to COVID 19 several questions have been removed from this year's assessment to ensure all institutes are assessed fairly and equally.

If you have any questions or concerns about the assessment these can be discussed with your RMM.

Your RMM will be in touch in due course to arrange a virtual meeting to assess your institute.

A copy of the assessment can be downloaded below.