Changes to examination sittings

To ensure the safety of examination candidates, the Chartered Insurance Institute has spread out exam sitting times to maximise capacity.

On Tuesday (22 September) the CII wrote to 4,565 candidates to explain their exam sitting time has been changed in order for test centres to ensure social distancing is maintained, candidates are wearing a face covering, cleaning can take place between sittings and the majority of assessments will be able to take place onscreen.

Candidates were informed the combination of these measures could result in some candidates not getting a place at their preferred centre in October.

We will continue to email and reach out to candidates in the coming days to ensure everybody who expressed an interest in sitting in an examination in October has had the opportunity to book or defer, free of charge, until the next sitting.

Gill White, Chief Customer Officer of the Chartered Insurance Institute, said: “For the safety of all our candidates, our exam centres have had to limit the number of people sitting assessments. Any candidate unable to book their preferred centre in October will be offered, free of charge, a sitting at a session that will be arranged before April 2021.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused by our actions, but our priority remains the health and safety of our candidates, staff and the consumers they serve.”

Any candidate unable to book for their preferred centre will be offered a free of charge place at a session before April 2021.

The CII chose to only use exam centres for October’s exams after carefully reflecting on candidates' experience of the July remote invigilation exams.

We have listened to feedback on the remote invigilation exams and will be making changes in response to this assessment method to improve the experience for candidates who choose this option in the future.

Feedback from RI exam candidates who were assessed in July has resulted in more space for answers for the October on-screen examinations and candidates being able to use their own calculator.

Further changes will be made to the remote invigilation format to ensure this method of assessment is ready for greater use before it is offered to CII examination candidates again.