CII Remote Invigilation Exam R06 on 6 July

We are extremely sorry for any issues your members had in logging into their R06 remotely invigilated exam on 6 July.

The log-in issue was caused by a configuration issue with our supplier.

This was resolved within 15 minutes and 94 per cent of candidates who were booked, completed their exam.

If any of your members were affected by this issue and they were unable to sit their R06 exam yesterday they can rebook for a future sitting before October.

We understand the stress that can be caused by issues in an examination so we will be looking carefully at the level of impact on candidates and will be able to take that into account to ensure fair results.

We provided these remotely invigilated exams as a result of the uncertainties around the UK situation with Covid-19 and have worked hard to bring forward projects to deliver remote invigilation.

If you have any queries, please contact your Regional Membership Manager.