Exam booking guidance for members

The CII have hosted a number of short videos on their website to help members through the process of booking their exam and amending existing exam bookings.

The new booking process commences from the following dates for the units listed below when booked with PSI:

21st July 2020 for IF1, R01, R02, R03, R04, R05.
3rd August 2020 for FIT, IF2, IF3, IF4, IF5, IF6, IF7, IF8, IF9, I10, I11, LM1 LM2, LM3, PL1, PL2, PL3, PL4.
17th August 2020 for AWB, AWF, AWP, M05, M21, M66, M67, M80, M81, M85, M86, M90, M91, M92, M93, M94, M96, M97, M98 W01 ,W04, WCE, WH1, WUE.
28th August 2020 for CF1, CF6, CF8, ER1, FA1, FA2, FA5, GR1, J10, J12, LF1, LP1, LP2, LP3, RAR, R07.

Video content can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

Remote Invigilation General
Remote Invigilation Logon
Amending your exam booking
Booking an exam – test centre
Booking an exam – remote invigilation

For any additional queries please contact your RMM.