Local institute AGMs, Development Plans and Assessments

We suggest that your upcoming Annual General Meetings are held via conference call or similar digital means. Although your constitutions state that members need to attend your AGM in person by 31st May, we need to be pragmatic and accept that this is an exceptional circumstance.

When advertising your AGM via conference call, please clearly state your reasoning and provide the opportunity for anyone to raise any concerns.

Please acknowledge this approach in your AGM minutes, confirming that you are aware of it being unconstitutional, but you adapted to the best circumstances at the time.

Your RMM will be happy in helping you set up.

Local institute development plan meetings yet to take place will no longer be held face to face.

If you have a meeting arranged, your RMM will consider running via Skype or similar conference call and will be in touch to agree the best way forward.

Please note institutes will not be penalised for not running events with regards to the local institute annual assessment. A decision on how and when assessment meetings take place will be made in the coming weeks and further advice provided.

Member support

Our first priority is to support our members through what is both an unprecedented situation and a highly challenging period. During this time, we will focus on the core components of what a professional community should provide to its members.

We will be exploring the issues and sharing news and information that help our members acquire the skills and knowledge to effectively navigate the challenges the profession is facing. Securing the best outcomes for our customers and clients (especially those who are vulnerable) remains at the heart of what we do, but we must also now pay even more attention to the wellbeing of our peers and colleagues.

We have launched a coronavirus hub.

This hub will be used to draw together content particularly relevant to coronavirus – both skills and knowledge (eg. remote working, business continuity, mental health and wellbeing) and also industry news and updates (regulatory impact and government guidance) all available for members in one place.