Modernising the Local Institute Model Constitution

In response to feedback from several Institutes, work is underway to update the model constitution. We need to update it in terms of both content and style to reflect current arrangements and ensure it is appropriate for today’s ways of working – and expectations about effective governance.

Our aim is to produce a model that is flexible and works for all Institutes, from the smallest to largest, and that will remain relevant for the foreseeable future. It needs to provide sufficient detail but not be too prescriptive and be easy to use and understand.

We are seeking to provide a baseline or minimum requirements that all Institutes can sign up to and operate within – but of course Institutes can choose to go further and reflect the best practice as described in the Assessment Criteria. The Constitution will also be supported by resources on Network Know-how that will provide more detail on what best practice looks like as well as relevant policies etc to inform Institutes’ decisions on how they work in practice.

We have consulted with the Local Institute National Forum, but we would welcome your input - we have identified several changes needed in response to comments received but would welcome feedback on other areas we should look at.

For more information contact your RMM.