PFS launches Associate Firm

The Personal Finance Society has announced the launch of a new Associate Firm membership following requests from firms that want to show their united alignment to the professional standards and the code of ethics set by the PFS's largest professional body.

Associate firms will enjoy a closer relationship with the PFS as part of a renewed 'united profession' approach to building public trust and to elevate the importance and value of financial wellbeing through financial planning and investment advice.

An Associate logo, including an aluminium plaque to display commitment to a set of core professionalism principles can be promoted at reception and on websites for both clients and staff to clearly see. They will also be listed and linked from the Personal Finance Society's website.

Firms must adopt eight underlying principles of association which includes a commitment to comply with the spirit as well as the rules of regulation and employment law as well and to have a clear diversity and inclusion policy, in addition to a policy for corporate social responsibility.