The Society of Insurance Broking Advisory Board

The Society of Insurance Broking Advisory Board convened for its Q1 meeting in March, where key thematic priorities were identified, including their ongoing work on customer vulnerability in the sector and ongoing FCA open finance consultation and its potential impact.

Emerging issues and risks were naturally top of mind for many members, with recent flooding and the Coronavirus situation impacting not only their own businesses, but that of their clients and customers. The SIB considers a unified sector response to be critical when dealing with these broader issues and is engaging with key stakeholders to ensure consistency of message and support. In-house content production will continue to produce guidance and insight on several topics, with focus on the themes above.

From an operational perspective, several strategies were discussed to drive greater engagement and awareness of the SIB’s work. This includes a search engine optimisation (SEO) project, more regular appearances of board members at industry events, and closer alignment to the CPD programmes of the Local Institute network.

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