CII exam voucher campaign

The CII have recently launched a campaign to support examination candidates seeking to fulfil examinations they have previously booked.

The campaign aims to prepare members to sit examinations by remote invigilation and the steps they need to put in place to ensure their examination runs as smoothly as possible. Whether this is walking through the familiarisation steps for their multiple-choice examination or taking the practice test they need to complete for their subjective examination siting – both processes have demonstrated candidates can benefit from a more positive examination experience on the day.

The CII has also created an IT checklist and a series of FAQs for both examination types. All support guidance and activities can be viewed below:

As a local institute there are three ways you can support the CIIs exam voucher campaign:

1. Develop revision support locally

Your Regional Membership Manager can provide you with an overview of exams vouchers held by members and candidates locally – this could help shape any revision seminars or programmes that you are thinking of running at a local level. Your Regional Membership Manager will be discussing this with you at your forthcoming annual assessment and development plan. If you want this information quicker then simply get in touch and the relevant data will be provided immediately.

2. Promote the campaign at upcoming CPD events

Make members aware of unused vouchers at any of your upcoming CPD events and activities. The regional membership team have created the PowerPoint presentation below for institutes to use which gives an overview of steps candidates should but in place to ensure their exam runs smoothly.

3. Include a news article on your website

Simply promote the campaign on your local institute website – your RMM has already updated - draft article can be viewed below.

For more information on CII qualifications and examinations visit the CII website.