CII Examinations update: February 2021

This update covers the assessment period January to mid-February 2021 and provides information for Local Institutes and PFS Regions to support local candidates.

On-screen written Exams Q1:
As previously advised, from January 2021 onwards written exams will be spread throughout the year rather than held over a three-day period in April and October. This will assist candidate planning and improve frequency of exams.

In Q1 2021 the CII delivered R06 Financial planning practice and additional sessions for the other on-screen written exams. AF4 Investment planning, a pen-and-paper exam, has been deferred until June 2021 as previously advised.

For the exams that have taken place we have been able to:

  • Improve the self-service booking process.
  • Spread exam delivery and remote invigilation support.
  • Introduce new webpages, emails and deliver webinars.
  • Provide relevant exam set-up information to our corporate customers.

Update on exams held to date
R06 successfully took place on 3 February with 509 candidates successfully completing their exam. 68% used the record and review remote invigilation option. There were a number of enquiries from candidates on the day and we are pleased to report customer service levels were greatly improved from previous exams with the average call pick up time being under a minute.

As expected with all exams, there were a handful of localised issues, and the majority of these were resolved on the day.

AF7 Pension transfers and J02 Trusts have also been held successfully.

We expect to deliver approximately 1,400 on-screen written exams across nine modules during Q1.


  • On-screen written and paper-based exam dates and deadlines can be found here
  • the booking process for on-screen written exams is self-serve via MyCII
  • certificates, including record of achievement (ROA) are now Digital and can be found within the Certificates tab of MyCII
  • a Belfast test centre will be available for our on-screen written exams being sat in Q2 – Communication to all candidates with Vouchers for subjective units will be completed by 26th Feb 2021.

MCQ exam update
By mid-February 2021 just under 11,000 MCQ exams have been booked and/or sat, with this number continuously changing as candidates take advantage of the flexibility of booking any time up to 48 hours before the exam, and self-servicing changes. Whilst test centres remain open and we continue to work with PSI to extend test centre reach, currently 70% of these exams are being undertaken by remote invigilation.