CII Exams 2021 update

During 2020 and with the uncertainties of the global pandemic just under 40,000 candidates successfully completed their CII exams either at centres or using remote invigilation. In fact, almost 80% of MCQ exams are now taken via remote invigilation (RI). However, this was not without challenges resulting in some poor experiences from which we have been able to learn, adapt and improve.

This update provides an overview of how we plan to deliver our exams in 2021 so you can help and support your local candidates.

On screen written exams:

In 2021 exams will no longer be held just over a three-day period in April and October. They will be spread throughout the year, the timetable can be found here.

Also, for this year additional exam sessions will be held from January to March. Candidates can sit these exams by record and review remote invigilation or at an exam centre (subject to any COVID restrictions). To ensure candidate safety, we have had to limit capacity at centres to ensure social distancing. At the time of writing our exam centres are open as they are classified as an essential service throughout the UK.

We are improving our communications to prepare candidates more fully for these exams, this includes new and improved webpages, practice tests and a number of webinars that you may also find beneficial to join. Slide 3 in the Power Point download below details when these are running and how to register.

MCQ exams:

Our MCQ exams continue to run every day (subject to availability) by live remote invigilation or at centres.

Slides 4 and 5 on the Power Point download below provides more detail around the key improvements we are making to both exam types, and further exam resources.

If you have any queries or suggestions for how we can further support candidates or yourselves in preparing for remote invigilated exams or improving the overall exam experience we would welcome any thoughts.

Please contact your Regional Membership Manager in the first instance.

Further support and useful information to assist candidates:

Technical problems

PSI Technical Support team

0808 273 9244

General queries

CII Customer Services

+44 (0)20 8989 8464

Exam entry confirmation and permits

CII Exams Team