Digital membership cards

The CII are excited to introduce digital membership cards as a benefit of membership!

Members can now easily prove their membership level and designation to employers and clients by sharing their new digital card. Accessed via the members My CII dashboard, the card can be saved, shared, and downloaded to a desktop or mobile device.

Digital cards offer a number of advantages over physical cards, not only are they more practical and convenient - quickly accessed from a mobile wallet on the go – they are also more environmentally friendly.

The cards will replace physical cards and in doing so put an end to the production and distribution of over 125,000 plastic cards each year, resulting in a significant reduction in plastic pollution and unnecessary carbon emissions.

Each card features a unique QR code which is linked to an authentication page that enables digital verification of credentials by employers and clients.

This initiative is part of a wider programme of activities intended to modernise the CII and make services more relevant and accessible to members. It responds to feedback from members for a more digital-first approach and underpins how we are developing tailored digital resources and services to deliver value to our members.

For more details and information about digital membership cards take a look at the frequently asked questions page.

For more information on digital membership cards, take a look at the frequently asked questions page,

If you have any comments or feedback relating to this change please email,