Insurance charities recruiting new Board and Committee members

The Charity has served the insurance industry since 1902. It provides essential financial and practical support to current and former insurance people and their dependants experiencing financial hardship due to misfortune.

The Charity is governed by a Board of Trustees (the Board) of up to 13 individuals. Together, the Board is responsible for the overall direction, strategy, and vision of the Charity in line with its aims and values. The Board has appointed three standing Committees responsible for closer work in the areas of Audit, Marketing, and Grants Administration.

Whilst the role of a Trustee carries legal and regulatory obligations, there are many positive aspects to this position and that of a non-Trustee Committee member to help an appointee on a personal and professional basis such as:

The opportunity to share knowledge and skills to benefit others
The opportunity to build self-confidence and experience committee work
The opportunity to acquire new skills through training, exposure to new information and ways of working and the sharing of experiences
The benefit of working as a team with others from different backgrounds who share a similar passion for a particular cause.

The organisation reviewed its governance some time ago to ensure the Charity remains well placed to meet the challenges and opportunities of a changing world and implement best practice across its operations. Having updated its governing document, registered in all required jurisdictions, and streamlined its Board and Committees, it is now looking to recruit additional Board and Committee members with current knowledge and experience in the following areas:

– Marketing and Communications – applicants should have general marketing and communications skills and knowledge, plus good analytical skills to evaluate the Charity’s campaigns and impact.
– Welfare and Wellbeing – applicants should have HR and wellbeing expertise, be able to demonstrate empathy, and formulate practical and holistic solutions to support those in need.

Board and Committee members will be expected to attend at least 50% of the four meetings each year plus an AGM (Board members only) digitally or in person. Roles are unremunerated, although reasonable expenses will be paid for attendance at meetings.

Interviews will be arranged in early September. To register your interest and to find out more, please contact Annali-Joy Thornicroft, CEO & Company Secretary, The Insurance Charities, 3rd Floor, 2 St Andrew’s Hill, London EV4V 5BY.