Ambassadors in Action

On Tuesday 17 May our annual volunteer conference, Ambassadors in Action, brought together local institute councils, PFS regional committees and society board members to share best practice, develop local relationships and hear about the CII Groups plans, following the recent member consultation.

Thank you to those council members who attended the conference.

Discussions within the interactive break-out sessions have enabled the membership team to start to identify key themes and initial actions that will allow them to develop further projects and protocol to support your volunteer role.

Key themes…

The following themes were discussed by delegates at breakout sessions:

  • Communication
    Improving both member and volunteer communications to ensure we promote all aspects of the CII Group. Including reviewing of GDPR and preference protocol.
  • Corporate and chartered relationships
    The CII Group and our volunteer networks working effectively together to further develop relationships with key corporates and chartered companies to sell the benefits of our exams, qualifications, and the local proposition.
  • Membership
    Promoting and pushing the benefits of membership to ensure we increase member engagement both nationally and locally.
  • Volunteer engagement
    Ensuring our volunteer stakeholders are kept up to date on the organisation’s annual objectives and key initiatives in order to further build trust.
  • Collaboration
    Developing closer working and collaborative relationships between the CII Group, PFS committees and local institutes for the benefit of members.
  • Professional Map
    Ensuring that all stakeholders are communicated with to ensure this positive piece of work is embraced by the profession.
  • Future of our profession
    The importance of promoting our professions in a positive light to both school and university leavers.

Key actions and key questions…

The regional membership team will be reviewing these key themes and meeting with colleagues from across the organisation to further develop action plans to ensure process and protocol is developed to support the themes identified.

Several queries and questions were raised at each of the breakout sessions which have been recorded - the regional membership team is currently working with our executive leadership team to provide answers which will be fed back over the coming weeks.